• Reality Chick

    The Florida Family Association is actually one fundamentalist Christian-right man, David Caton, The 2010 federal tax forms for the Florida Family Association list Mr. Caton as its only paid employee, earning $55,200.

    Waging a One-Man War on American Muslims

  • Sherry

    While appalled at the comments of the FFA, I can’t say I am surprised. With so many of our youth today trying, against all odds, to be successful and productive, we as a society, tend to focus on the gangs, substance abusers, drop-outs, etc. What is wrong with telling a human being it is ok to be who you are, no matter what their age? I don’t care for Lady Gaga myself, but I applaud her and Office Depot and the Born This Way mission. Perhaps Mr. Caton needs to remember that “born” this way doesn’t mean “swayed” this way. Give our youth some credit, will you?

  • R. Ruth Linden, Ph.D.

    Hats off to Lady Gaga, her mother, and Office Depot! I love this campaign because it sends all the right messages to all kids and their families. I’d like to suggest a moratorium on reporting about the contemptible Florida Family Association, A Million Moms, and similar attention-craving hate groups. Their craven gestures before the media don’t deserve the time of day.

  • Frannie Butler

    My comment is I tore up my card I had from Office Depot. You can cater to anyone you’d like to as well as I can buy from anyone I wish. Because of your desire to promote Lady Ga Ga who is similar to Madonna, wants to feed our youth a bunch on nonsense UnGodl activities such as promoting the Homsexual Life Style.

    Personally, I’m sorry I can’t wish you the best and I pray others will follow suit.

  • Barbara

    I would prefer my children not embrace a message of fear and paranoia so, I hope that Office Depot will remain committed. I am not gay nor are any members of my family yet, we do strive to instill Tolerance within our home. Lady Gaga’s charity appears to be more inline with accepting people as they are which is a message I prefer my children to live by