• Joel Blackwell

    I suggest that boards have a good job description and give it to people BEFORE they sign on. Many times they have no idea what expectations are beyond attending meetings. In my own specialty, for example, I urge boards to tell prospective members that political advocacy is an important part of their job. That may mean communicating the organization’s goals and needs to elected officials in formal and informal contacts.
    Absent this pre notification, many people balk as this is something outside their comfort zone. With training and support they can become proficient and effective but only if they sign up willingly.

  • Donna

    Joel has good sound advice for those considering board membership – thanks for comments, and keep in mind also that board member experience can be a real growth experience for many to connect into, and enjoy their community and learn of services available. As and ED of a community nonprofit whose board members do not need to be local, I would like to test this connection link when available.