LinkedIn Branches Out: Board Connect Links Nonprofits to Board Members

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September 17, 2012; Source: LinkedIn Blog

This week, LinkedIn launched Board Connect, a program that allows nonprofit organizations to identify and recruit potential board members. Notably, LinkedIn is rolling out Board Connect to a limited group of nonprofits working in the fields of social entrepreneurship and education leadership. These two fields have garnered a lot of attention in the nonprofit arena recently and were likely chosen by Linkedn as Board Connect’s initial nonprofit focus to make sure that the platform is a success.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice that anyone can receive when starting a nonprofit organization is to put into place a board of directors that will bring an ideal set of skills and expert knowledge to the organization. Board members – beyond merely acting as a sounding board for the executive director –should be chosen to create a strategic plan and set both short- and long-term goals for the nonprofit. A well-constituted board may have an accountant, lawyer, seasoned business or nonprofit manager, community members, or individuals with expertise in the field that is the subject of the nonprofit’s mission – and hopefully all with deep pockets or a talent for fundraising.

Finding talented people with the enthusiasm and desire to serve on a nonprofit board is no easy task. LinkedIn’s Board Connect would certainly make this tough job an easier one. LinkedIn has the full weight and power of a popular professional social network behind it. Colleagues can vouch for each other or recruit within certain circles of a similar skill set or particular expertise. Such connectivity may run the risk of limiting one’s board recruitment to “those in the know,” thereby excluding possible strong candidates who are not on LinkedIn (e.g., senior citizens as well as individuals who are in the nonprofit’s target service population).

Of course, a nonprofit can widen the pool of board member candidates by also using run-of-the-mill recruiting tools that don’t involve online networking. How do you find nonprofit board members? Will you be logging on to LinkedIn’s Board Connect when it becomes available to more nonprofits? –Alicia E. Plerhoples

  • Joel Blackwell

    I suggest that boards have a good job description and give it to people BEFORE they sign on. Many times they have no idea what expectations are beyond attending meetings. In my own specialty, for example, I urge boards to tell prospective members that political advocacy is an important part of their job. That may mean communicating the organization’s goals and needs to elected officials in formal and informal contacts.
    Absent this pre notification, many people balk as this is something outside their comfort zone. With training and support they can become proficient and effective but only if they sign up willingly.

  • Donna

    Joel has good sound advice for those considering board membership – thanks for comments, and keep in mind also that board member experience can be a real growth experience for many to connect into, and enjoy their community and learn of services available. As and ED of a community nonprofit whose board members do not need to be local, I would like to test this connection link when available.