• Dahveed

    You can’t do anything in this country without photo ID. You’re not allowed to fly, cross a border, operate a vehicle, own a gun. If you drive in the southwest of the US and are hispanic looking you’d better have a photo id showing you can be here because there are checkpoints where EVERY vehicle is stopped. Even the homeless people in my town have to get cards to gain admittance to homeless shelters. Yet one of our critical rights in this country can be done with no proof of who you are.

  • Betsy Beamon

    The whole question about whether an American citizen should be required to show a photo ID prior to being allowed to vote in a Presidential Elecition is absurd! I lived outside of the United States for over 10 years and have traveled extensively and in no other country would a non-citizen be allowed to vote. Why do I specify ‘non-citizen’? Because this is exactly who this issue to about…allowing non-citizens to be allowed to vote without question of proof of citizenship. After returning to the United States a year and a half ago, I feel like I have landed in an altered universe. U.S. citizens, whether elderly, disabled or for any other reason are perfectly capable of obtaining a photo ID at the DMV by showing their birth certificate proving they were born here. Unless they are completelly homebound, at which case, someone could either take them. If not, then they probably would not be able to get out to vote anyway. The law has worked up until now…why is it an issue in this election unless President Obama is counting on all of those illegal votes!