“Ellen” Speaks out on Boy Scout Decision Delay

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Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

February 9, 2013; Source: Gossip Cop

Just in case you have temporarily lost sight of the role of humor in making social change, Ellen DeGeneres recently did a little standup on the Boy Scouts of America’s inability to come to a quick decision on whether or not to allow openly gay scouts among them. We thought we would share it with you here:

–Ruth McCambridge




  • Jerri Gerth

    Ellen, I am so happy you have addressed this subject. My son recently joined the boy scouts as a high school student.
    He is not gay, but as a mom I am interested in an organization my son is involved with being FAIR and EQUAL and to not teach discrimination. So, I have been really interested in this issue and I am going to share your comments on my facebook for all my friends and family to see and i hope it spreads. And most importantly, I hope the boy scouts make the right decision in May. Thanks for your input. Just maybe it will make someone who doesn’t understand why this decision is so important to understand why it is. I do understand the wonderful things and opportunities the boy scouts has provided for years and years. I just want it to continue for ALL boys who are interested.