Philanthropy as Sex Appeal: Valentine’s Day Amongst the Do Gooders

February 11, 2013; Source: Star Tribune

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a tip for boosting your romantic appeal. Donate time or money to your favorite charity or cause. Yes, it’s true: nonprofits offer everyone an opportunity the quickest way to, in the lyrics of Justin Timberlake, “bring sexy back!”

That’s according to the results of a recent online survey by the online fundraising platform Razoo. The survey asked, “What qualities, if any, do you think makes someone sexy?” Respondents were given the choice of six options, including personality characteristics/values, physical appearance and wealth.

According to the 2,059 respondents, representing adults aged 18 and over in the United States, personality trumps appearance (at least from a woman’s point of view) and wealth. And one aspect of personality is simple to change immediately.

For female respondents, the top three determinants of sexy are:

  1. 1.Someone who treats family and friends well;
  2. 2.Someone with a good sense of humor; and
  3. 3.Someone who cares about giving to others.

For male respondents, the top three determinants are:

  1. 1.Someone with a good sense of humor;
  2. 2.Someone with a physically fit body; and
  3. 3.Someone who treats family and friends well.

And the number four reason for the men was “someone who cares about giving to others.” Okay, so it wasn’t last! Of the six options, “attractively dressed” and/or “wealthy” were the least likely to create an aura of sexiness for either gender.

Here’s why nonprofits should celebrate these results, and why you should support nonprofits. If you’re not funny, it may take a while to cultivate a sense of humor. If you have issues with any family members or friends, it may take a while to mend those fences. If you want to attract a partner, you won’t go from flabby to fit overnight. But…you can be generous in your giving and see immediate results. Happy Valentine’s Day! –Kathi Jaworski