• Danielle

    Hi Carlo,

    You are spot on with the need for collaborative branding and organizational identity. I think what you are trying to get us to think about is the stake holders involved in really creating a community approach to nonprofits. This is important for lasting relationships, donors, and the health of the organization. Would it be possible to repost this onto our blog? Donorsnap.com/blog? I think this message of strategy is a fresh way of thinking.

  • Denise Dickinson

    Very well written; no longer is the marketing and fundraising team it for building donations, but it’s the social media managers. Those who position their organizations to have the most earned media will be out of the gate ahead of the others and sure to continue to build on it with new apps like the vine added to their twitter. It is an exciting time!

  • Carlo Cuesta


    Thanks for you comment. Regarding reposting, I think it best to check with the folks at the Quarterly. Regards, Carlo

  • Karla Raines

    YIt is time to consider how we can best live our brand through the vary nature of our business model design.

  • Chris Short

    I was recently discussing this very shift in thought the other day at a regional peer workshop. In higher education, the mantra for the past decade or two has been: “we are all recruiters.”
    Now it is the shift in development to ‘preach’ that “we are all fundraisers”.
    I personally advocate my own motto: connect need with opportunity. That goes for the dollar and the donor. If we are all connectors, that relationship is far more than a dual flow conduit. It is an organic, growing, exponentially replicating process. We are all viruses, transmitting a message yet modifying and carrying a piece of each relationship on to the next opportunity. Thanks for getting me thinking.