Archived Trendcast: Nonprofit Capacity Building 2013 – What has changed?

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This webinar was presented by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Nonprofit Quarterly and sponsored by Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. A panel of NPQ authors discuss changes in the way nonprofit organizations function, the kind of capacity needed for the future, and some recent new approaches. This webinar was marred by some technical difficulties particularly at its start. Please try to overlook them.

Panelists: Kate Barr, Jeanne Bell, Carlo Cuesta, Robin Katcher

Moderator: Ruth McCambridge

Nonprofit Capacity Building 2013 – What has changed? from Nonprofit Quarterly on Vimeo.

  • Shirley Worthington

    Can we get the powerpoint framing slides? They were such an excellent capsule of the change issues that we’re struggling with.

  • anne kuperman

    listen to the webnair. If possible it would be most helpful to have a copy of the slides.
    Great discussion.
    Thank you,