Google Launches New App for Philanthropy

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April 29, 2013; Paste Magazine

One Today is Google’s newest mobile app. It’s aim is to make fundraising easier for nonprofits by linking charities to potential donors. With One Today, users can donate a single dollar per charity per day. Donors that want to contribute more than $1 can challenge friends to match their gift through social media. In this way, a small donation that’s easy on the user’s wallet can inspire hundreds, maybe even thousands, of contributions daily. One Today has value to donors as well, as it informs users about charities similar to the ones to which they have previously contributed.

The app allows users to donate to a number of different organizations they choose to support and then aggregates the donations for payment through Google Wallet. Nonprofits receive 98% of the proceeds, as 1.9 percent of each donation goes to pay for processing. The Android-exclusive application is currently invite-only, but individuals can request an invitation through Google’s site.—Aine Creedon

  • Coral

    Why aren’t Hospitals and health care organizations eligible?

  • Jen

    In my opinion, ew capacities for donations is never a bad idea – I think of Sevenly, Half the Sky Facebook game, etc. So an App that not only sets the bar low ($1) for commitment but also encourages competition and engagement between friends/networks through social media sounds like a worthwhile effort – at a relatively low management cost. My question is, why the invite-only? What is that all about? Maybe Google is still fleshing out the role they will play in engaging the nonprofit sector (I know Google just held a Google Grants seminar a few weeks back) so maybe they are minimizing participation until then. Or, it may parallel the theory “fee for comittment”, that a small fee or invite sign-up increases the chances for comittment from the donor. This doesn’t address why it is Android-exclusive, though.