Turkish Protest Supporters Use Indiegogo to Organize & Crowdfund

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June 4, 2013; National Journal

Writing for the National Journal, Brian Fung reports that a campaign to fund a full-page ad in the New York Times explaining the goals and dynamics of recent Turkish protests has quickly reached and exceeded its goal on Indiegogo. Those who game were able to look at the ad proposals and vote for the one they liked best. (See below for the frontrunner.) They are also currently voting about what to do with the excess money.



This is a remarkable example of the essence of successful online community building, including fundraising as only one element of the full dynamic.—Ruth McCambridge


  • esin

    Could you also please add the “people arrested due to using twitter should be released with immediate effect!” to our demands? It is unacceptable!

    We would like to publicise the same thing in UK and Europe. Please, let us know if we could keep on pulling the money in one place and distribute to other country media channels?