• Deb

    I think its a reflection of a society that is disconnecting and of people who don’t get the attention required for human growth in other areas. Seems the need to announce everything to the world via social media is supposedly full filing everybody’s 15 mins of fame desires, the need to be noticed because we aren’t getting noticed or being valued via human contact/interaction. Is this affecting our brain architecture? Probably not since it’s not violent in nature. Is it hurting us as a society? Probably because we have less and less face to face time with others, everything is done via the internet and aps. We need to get back to basics and teach each other how to give for the sake of giving to help others not for the sake of gaining recognition, getting something in return or ‘points’ on an ap.

  • Frances Heussenstamm, Ph.D.

    All the data I’ve seen indicates that violent video game interaction has dire consequences for young users. However this data comes at the problem in a way I didn’t anticipate or could not have predicted.