Resources You Just Must—MUST—Check Out!

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I read an enormous amount. How else can I learn? I believe in lifelong learning. I’ll bet you do, too; otherwise, how can you be the best professional possible?

I read an enormous amount…one of my fun things to do. And I learn from novels and songs, too.

So, early in this new year of 2014, I’m sharing some of my favorite resources in no particular order. Check them out. Spread them out over the month. But don’t wait all year! You’ll be missing tips for better fundraising and more.


  • Caroline Oliver

    Excellent stuff Simone – thank you for sharing!
    On another point: I am confused by the “Nonprofit Headlines” email that told me about this article and invites others to share but says “no self-promotion please”. What is the definition of “self-promotion”? Even this article includes plugs for the author’s blog and NPQ – is that “self-promotion” or just people communicating about what they believe in?

  • Simone Joyaux

    Hi Caroline.

    I’m going to suggest that the NPQ editor respond to your query about “no self promotion,” please. I don’t know the answer.

    Best, Simone

  • ruth

    Here is the answer…this comment section is not a space for people to sell themselves or the things they produce but to engage in dialogue. When we allow people to engage in self promotion, all dialogue quickly gets drowned out and readers would not bother to make their way through the din. No one wants that. The author, on the other hand, is being featured for her expertise and as for NPQ – well if we did not self promote, new readers would not get who we were and there would be no platform on which to have this conversation.

    respectfully, Ruth