Corvette Museum Turns Crisis to Opportunity

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February 20, 2014; Bowling Green Daily News

When we first reported about the sinkhole problem at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we suggested that this might be great for the museum’s profile, but who could know that there would be so many “tasteful” opportunities to capitalize on this crisis?

As you may remember, a sinkhole opened up in the early morning hours on February 12 under the Skydome, swallowing up eight classic cars. Apparently, Corvette fans are clamoring to view the scene as a kind of exhibit, so the museum, most of which opened back up after structural engineers deemed it safe, has a small viewing window to the damaged area. It is also planning on reclaiming and exhibiting the sinkhole cars, and it will also sell the carpet tiles on which those cars stood. A line of t-shirts is planned, too.

All of this will take time; the cars will not be that easy to resurface, and the building needs to be restabilized first. General Motors will take care of restoring the cars.—Ruth McCambridge

  • Jerry R Hubbard

    My name is Jerry Hubbard and I am a Life Time Corvette Museum member. (Member #1045)

    I have reviewed the 3 options for the sink hole and like the option that leaves the hole open for viewing.

    I understand the concerns and issues regarding climate control for the main facility. Have you considered installing a glass floor over the sink hole opening. The glass floor would separate the sink hole from the main facility, and eliminate the humidity that could entering the main facility.

    Museum visitors could walk over the sink hole, viewing the display below.

    I seen the aforementioned used in similar applications, i.e. old Sears Tower, Chilcago, IL and the Grand Canyon.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Jerry R Hubbard