NC United Way Launches $50K Contest to Reduce Hunger among Kids

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May 1, 2014; News & Observer

NPQ would love to hear what readers have to say about this United Way’s strategy. Mack Koonce, the CEO of the United Way of the Greater Triangle in North Carolina, is offering a $50,000 grant to the person or organization with the best idea for reducing childhood hunger. Calling the effort “100,000 Kids Hungry No More,” this United Way is open to ideas from residents of Durham, Johnston, Orange, and Wake counties.

Koonce is hoping the contest will cause thousands of people to think about childhood hunger, but he is expecting “a hundred or more” to submit an idea. “It’s not just about hunger. It’s about their education, their health,” Koonce said. “I think it’s both how detrimental it is to their whole health and psyche and education. We can work on making better schools, but it’s not going to help these kids that are hungry.”

The $50,000 can be won by an individual or organization, and it is to be spent implementing the idea. “It’s not like we don’t have enough food,” Koonce said. “This problem can be solved. We can do this one in any community, and especially in this community.”—Ruth McCambridge

  • John Sayles

    Why don’t they just invest that $50,000 in one of the many effective programs that already exist to food kids? there is no reason to establish a new program.

  • Tenisha Sanders

    My suggestion would be to have breakfast stations (such as fruit/breakfast bars) setup in the classrooms each morning by volunteers and have school bus drivers give kids a snack once they arrived at their destination to get off the bus in the afternoon. For the weekend (and during the summer time when school is out) we could start a Kids Hunger truck that delivers breakfast and lunch to the communities. And to make things really speical on Sunday only, we could get churches involved by them providing transportation and a well balanced breakfast before Sunday school services talored to the kids. By doing this we would be able to provide food throughout the year.