• Kate Little

    I am disappointed, taken aback by Barr’s comment “In fairness, bankers today can’t make these kinds of loans. There are so many regulations.” Has she forgotten why there are so many regulations? How about mortgage fraud? How about predatory lending? How about the near collapse of the financial system? How about the bank bailout by taxpayers? How about the foreclosure crisis still gripping many communities? How about the minority and elderly homeowners faced with foreclosures? How about the huge bonuses bankers and Wall Street took home? These regulations were a reaction to bank excesses – they did not come out of the blue. Banks could do much more to atone for their behavior resulting in the economic collapse. They could make loans instead of grants and still be seen as doing good by getting CRA credit. I don’t think we need to be fair to the bankers. I think the bankers need to be fair to the American people. Bring on the regulations.