• Angie Fidler

    As a CPA who specializes in nonprofit tax, I agree with the underlying theme of this article. As a point of clarification, I don’t believe that “meant to deter” is the most acceptable description for the reporting of investments on Form 990. The IRS does not require details of publicly traded investments since their values are readily determinable, which is the main point of the balance sheet. While ethically this is a best practice, it cannot be mandated. Additional questions could be added to the Form 990 to provide clarification and transparency in this area. I think you should be careful how you are wording your article to reflect that the majority of nonprofits are doing the community a huge service, functioning at bare minimum, and striving to be ethical. “Meant to deter” does not imply any of those things. Don’t let a few bad guys ruin it for the majority.