Nonprofits Get “F” for Online Fundraising?

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online fund raising

September 30, 2014;Frogloop

Go to any conference of fundraising professionals and you can be sure there will be a slew of presentations and workshops on social media and online fundraising.

A recent U.S. report suggests that all that effort has been to no avail. Consultants Dunham and Company looked at 151 nonprofit websites and found most weren’t optimized for mobile and many expected would-be donors to click through at least three links to make a donation.

When it comes to thanking donors, the majority could not be bothered thanking the donor by name. More than a third took 30 days or more before getting around to the thank-you note.

In fact, it would seem that most of these nonprofits have missed out on Fundraising 101. Two lessons should be imprinted on every fundraiser’s mind: Make it easy for donors to give, then thank them, thank them, and thank them again!

Nonprofit marketing consultants Care2 suggest eight other principles that should be applied to online fundraising:

  1. Create Killer Landing Pages
  2. Welcome People
  3. Cut the Wonk
  4. Build A Great List
  5. Cross Promote
  6. Segment
  7. Close the Loop
  8. Measure The Results

Another suggestion could be to make sure that your web designers go to your next fundraising conference!—John Godfrey


  • Melissa Monte

    I completely agree John! Our design company works with a lot of nonprofits, and I’ve noticed that many of the people in charge of the budgets don’t realize how important their website is. I just wrote a pretty comprehensive blog analyzing 10 great nonprofit websites and what other nonprofits can learn from them. I tried to be as informative as possible. For example, did you know that having a branded donation page rather than generic increases overall donation averages by 6 TIMES! Crazy.
    I like that this article calls out this issue because it could make a big impact on a lot of causes if people listen.
    Feel free to check out the rest of my article: