• Stefanie Takacs

    The Touchstones Discussion Project, a non profit education organization based in Maryland, runs weekly programming at the Maryland Correctional Institute- Jessup (MCI-J). This program, which was started by Touchstones’ founder and president, Howard Zeiderman, in the 1990’s is part of Touchstones’ commitment to ensuring that all people’s voices are heard in on-going collaborative discourse. The program is co-funded through Touchstones’ earned income and public contributions and includes volunteers from the larger community who co-participate weekly with the prisoners.

    This Jan. 16, Zeiderman will receive the MLK Jr Peacemaker Award given by the Anne Arundel County Peace Action Committee in recognition of his many decades of service to the incarcerated and their families through the Touchstones discussion programs at MCI-J.

    There are countless ways for each of us to address issues of race and community. Touchstones offers but one, and we welcome you to join us. Write to [email protected] or call 410 604 3309 for more information.

  • Lori Villarosa, Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (PRE)

    Really appreciate this post Rick, which is very in sync with the calls of the activist leadership coming out of Ferguson, NYC, Oakland and elsewhere. The committed coordination crew held a conference call on Saturday evening at the end of the holiday break (! Jan. 3, and did I mention 8 pm EST on a Saturday?) and shared updates from those cities, Philadelphia, Dallas and I think possibly Cleveland or elsewhere in OH. You know I’m not just a sucker for anything under the banner of “emerging leadership,” but I have been really impressed by the level of commitment and strategy along with the energy, passion that are more often noted among these younger activists. Added info of current and continally updated activities available at http://fergusonaction.com/reclaim-mlk/ for any of your readers. They’re calling for the following themes, but encouraging/recognizing actions as defined by various local communities –
    Jan 15th: #PledgeOfResistance
    Jan 16 #TeachInForBlackLives
    Jan 18th: #DayOfResilience
    Jan 19th Day of Action – #WWMLKD