• Gooseontheloose

    The Santa Barbaras were naive? About 40 people living in the village? Current success of the project?

    Atamai Village is a moonscape wasteland that has been pulverized by an incessant parade of diesel drinking machinery for the past 6 years. It is no surprise then that these naive, delusional types have failed miserably and continue to insidiously practice deceit.

  • Paul Cicero

    The Santa Barbaras were naive? That’s nonsense. Inept and corrupt are words that come to mind. This project was initiated by a con man Peter Myers who now lives on the dole in Nelson, Hessner above mentioned and Jack Santa Barbara. That three con men couldn’t make things work in the end should be no surprise to anybody. There are many left in the middle that will lose money and face. Look for information about Atamai NOT disseminated from the Santa Barbaras and you’ll come up with stories like this. It’s a yuppies dream this Atamai and if you can’t afford to lose your money then steer clear. This place by and large has been a con from the beginning. Those that are in control are those that have the wealth to push around common folk.

    Thank you for this article and, trust me, if you dug deeper you’d find a lot of displeased people that have had interactions with the principles here, if not having been outright conned.