• DC

    Here it comes, next will be the offer of philanthropists to ‘invest’ in the projects of these nonprofits all providing a ‘public service or program’. They should be paid for from the public coffers if municipalities had the money, but they’ve been ‘starved’ by those who shall remain unnamed.

    This is the door that opens up public programs to ‘privatization’ of our public services. Professor Mildred Warner has critiqued Public Private Partnerships, as well as the newly developing ‘social investment bonds.’ The first two experimental SIBs (Peterborough in the UK and ABLE Project at Rikers in the US) have failed in their goals, but are still being touted as good financial models. This is what the ‘philanthropists’ looking to privatize gain at the expense of the public purse have been waiting for. This is not good for our democracy and its public services institutions.