• DC

    Rick Cohen, I’m curious about your unqualified support of something that Goldman Sachs is involved in given their record of problems with the SEC, as well as their participation in the fiscal affairs of Greece and Puerto Rico. I don’t understand.

    • Rick

      In no way do I give unqualified support to Goldman Sachs in the article or anyplace else. I called for millennials to invest in cdfis. I suggested that gs and dj were laughing up their sleeves. I think you misread my article, no?

  • DC

    Thanks Rick, I must have misread the article Rick, and I’m glad to get your response
    because I’ve come to appreciate your writing and perspective. The
    articles you’ve written on SIBs have been very helpful, and that’s why I
    was concerned. I’ll go back and reread and find what I misunderstood.

  • Andrew

    CDFIs have been around for a long time filling a critical funding gap for underserved communities, but they aren’t widely known; thanks Rick for bringing some attention here. I’d love to see future articles explore the strong financial performance of CDFIs, and the challenges of
    investing in them for an average investor. There are few ways for
    millennials (or anyone) to invest directly in CDFIs, so we need more
    products like the Community Investment Note and platforms like Vested.org that offer investors
    exposure to these organizations in an accessible way (full disclosure, I work for Calvert Foundation).