• Ainslie

    “Palumbo-Liu himself had written for Salon about the similarities between the conditions faced by blacks in the U.S. and Palestinians in the occupied territories, which he said included “dispossession from lands and homes; de facto forms of inequality; state violence; the constant interruption of daily life; and the ways the perpetrators of such violence are often immune from prosecution.”

    Perhaps someone should inform Prof. Palumbo-Liu and the signatories that those very conditions exist on the Native American reservations in America. While the plight of the Palestinians is certainly a worthy cause, it’s mind-boggling how black activists fail to find common cause with Native Americans.

    • Kebo Drew

      This is not true of the signatories of this statement however, some of whom are also Native American.

  • Ira

    Any point in mentioning Palestinian rockets aimed at innocent Israeli citizens? Use of Palestinian civilians as shields? attack of five Arabs countries against Jews after UN general assembly vote dividing the land between Arab and Jew? complete lack of interest in forming a Palestinian state as long as Jordan ruled the West Bank and Egypt ruled Gaza?

  • Gracie Bean

    Interesting considering it was the Jewish community who not only stood by them during the civil right era of the 60’s, but were also driving force for equality for them. Ungrateful?

    • Kebo Drew

      wow, there is so much anti-Black racism embedded in this statement it is hard to now where to start to unravel it. in short, Black people do not have to be grateful (because there are no cookies) because people were allies in supporting justice and equality.