• Tricia Baker

    Ruth, you are 100% correct in this analysis.

    Unfortunately, I see other institutions choosing the path of installing a business “savior” happening again in my state, with the new appointment of a business person as the head of the entire University of North Carolina system. Students and faculty have protested her appointment, especially since the selection process occurred behind closed doors, only with limited trustees participating. Watch the news in the next three years as the jewel of North Carolina becomes tarnished.

  • Mathieu Despard

    There’s nothing especially wrong with the idea of business planning in nonprofits, yet it needs to be done with a double or triple bottom line framework, with the financial bottom line subservient to social and/or environmental returns. Whether or not business executives can be brought in to lead nonprofits and do so effectively depends on their ability to effectively lead efforts around double/triple bottom lines.