• Evan Chan

    1-year leases that expire in rent-controlled buildings revert to month-to-month per the civil code, and such month-to-month leases are subject to no-fault evictions, but can be made one-year leases via written agreement. Perhaps the better way to prevent school-year no-fault evictions is to have teachers approach their landlords during the summer break to have them sign another lease at the still rent-controlled rental amount, and with the same terms of the prior lease, but effectively “reupping” for the school year? That would prevent no fault evictions of teachers during the school year. Any landlord not willing to “re-up” for the year would be putting the tenant on notice during the summertime that they may be subject to a no-fault eviction. I just feel that this is a supervisor trying to get votes but not realizing that landlords will react by not renting to teachers.