• Cloggie

    There is a lot to be gained in giving a platform to controversial or unpopular voices but it requires a solid knowledge of the subject area to pick the brilliant mavericks from the hucksters. Unless there’s a compelling reason otherwise, bring in multiple viewpoints unless you’re ready to stand behind the controversial voice.

    Also, controversy for controversy’s sake is a bad idea. Is the issue current or largely settled (there are holdouts on a moon made of cheese, but that doesn’t make it timely)? Will discussion of the issue further a social interest? For non-profits, is the topic relevant to your mission or is this a pet project of staff/board member.e.g. Assuming the cheese moon theory had legs, it would raise concerns about focus and use of funds if Autism Speaks held an event for a cheese moon truther while it would make sense for an organization whose mission relates to astrology or cheese.