• Cloggie

    Seriously, ‘Worried’? Immigrants are going to take their toll on American philanthropy? I’ve lived and worked in a number of places and philanthropy is a value with there being a difference on how far from the giver, the philanthropy lands. In some western European countries there is an idea that the government should provide for all domestic needs, so giving skews heavily towards international causes. In other places, the philanthropy is far more localized through giving items needed directly to those in need or to a central giver (often but not always a religious leader) who then distributes the donations within and among communities.

    The American tradition of philanthropy is a wonderful one, but it is hardly unique.

  • Gayle

    This headline “should donors ever sit on your board” has me totally confused. Don’t we want 100% of our board members to be donors? Don’t thousands of nonprofits put corporate and family foundation folks on their boards to secure their gifts?