• Jim Cross

    The article you link to quoting Sara Kate Ellis fails to cite examples of firings and refusals. Those stories ought to be told, because people who seek to live peaceably should not suffer discrimination, and rarely do. Yet, those who promote their sexual liberty as a hill to die on will meet opposition from their neighbors who simply disagree and do not want to be a part of it.

    It is a seriously tragic development in our civil discourse that declining to participate is perceived as hatred and bigotry. The right of conscience is a sacred right, and is the foundation of all others. No free person should be compelled to enter into transactions in a manner that violates sincerely held beliefs. That is what the law addresses.

    The crime that conscientious objectors are guilty of is failing to recognize and respect the new social order. Declining to participate means that you don’t render legitimacy to the actions of those you disagree with. The religious dissenters must be punished and shamed. They have violated the new ethical code and must be subjected to unmerciful moral crusades on social media.

    The Mississippi law is not anti-LGBT. It is an anti-bullying.