The States and the Feds and Nonprofit Regulation

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Next week, we start to publish online the content from the Summer 2016 edition of our print magazine, the Nonprofit QuarterlyThis edition surveys the landscape of the new nonprofit regulatory and enforcement environment. Essentially, there are dovetailing regulatory shifts afoot at the federal and state levels that you should be watching. We figure that’s something every nonprofit manager should understand, because it is very much in flux.

But this also gives us a chance to explain how the print magazine differs from our online offerings. As a general rule, the articles that appear in our print journal tend to be the longest and most research-based we publish and, while most will eventually be published online, the print journal essentially provides an early and comprehensive view of the whole topic at hand.

Articles like these remain current and useful for a long time; we call them “evergreen.” As examples, you can look at the pieces that we published yesterday and today on exit agreements for nonprofit executives and our evolving understanding of the value and practices of participatory management. Each time we rerun one, it seems to attract more readers to that content. In other words, the pieces in our journals generally stand the test of time.

So, I want to suggest something to you now that’s a win-win for you and us. If you subscribe to the print magazine today, you will have a ready-made library of the articles we spend the most time on, the ones we often commission to explore ideas we think are underdeveloped. They are easy references, compiled in what act as topical collections. And, of course, by subscribing, you also support NPQ—and as a struggling nonprofit ourselves, we need that support.

Meanwhile, make sure you get your Twitter fingers ready to share the articles we will begin to publish next week—and keep in touch!