• Paul Guba

    There are accusations that Assange’s internet has been cut off because he was in contact with a preteen regarding sex. The implications of election manipulation ought to be enough however. Willingly or not he is acting with at least Russian criminals but most likely their government. The actions go far beyond transparency of candidate and have much broader implications. The support of actions taken by the hackers with wikileaks opens the door to all sorts of privacy issues for all of us. I can no longer support wikileaks it is a criminal organization and needs to be treated as such.

  • ignoranceisnoexcuse

    Speaking purely on my own behalf, and not for any organization, public or private, I have little concern over the cessation of internet access for Mr. Assange. To begin with, he is a fugitive from justice in Sweden, where he is accused of rape. Running away from criminal charges does not make a strong case for membership in a civil society. More importantly, however, is the stated purpose for Ecuador’s cessation of access. There is strong evidence that the material presently being “dumped” by WikiLeaks was obtained by Russia via the hacking of private, personal computers. Note, these are not the private servers on which Secretary Clinton kept her State Department emails-these are the personal email accounts of members of her campaign staff. While I applaud the disclosure of illicit government programs, such as the NSA spying leak previously exposed by Assange’s group, I cannot condone, nor shoud NPQ, the breaching of private computers and/or servers. Further, it does appear to be one-sided in the U.S. presidential campaign, and Ecuador’s inference that it is an attempt to affect the election outcome, warrents the imposition of the limited remedy of cutting off internet access. It is reasonably tailored to curtail that specific activity, without restraining WikiLeak’s ability to communicate in other ways.