• Tom Hosmanek

    Why would you post, let alone author, something as flagrantly biased and flawed as this? If anything NPQ needs to realize that it too has cozied up to elites and ignored the “real” America. The Filipovic quote is just ugly hate speech. You can do better.

    • Karen Legato

      I’m curious as to who you think the “real” America is? And even further dumbfounding is that you think for even one moment that Donald Trump is not “elite.” Exactly what “real” America do you live in?

  • Michele Jackman

    I agree with the last person. This is so like the rhetoric that made Trump the only candidate to win.
    He has given more to non-profits over the years, more than any of these biased pundits who talk national socialism of the worst kind. The Presidency was not intended to be a demographic competition. Yes we make progress in spite of this. Since when are the whites who stopped slavery, and the Christians who welcome diversity. As far as I am aware, the rich support non-profits and have a right to their party choices.
    Should the media now choose our elected officials based on demonizing. Americans said NO.