• Hildie Lipson

    Thanks Ruth, and the entire NPQ staff, for boldly stating your position and for your service to the nonprofit sector. I’m along for the ride.

  • Daina Janitis

    Thank you! as Canadian who volunteers for music NFP’s , I have shared your lead article with all of my FB friends to give them all a little more hope than they are feeling today!

  • Tom Hosmanek

    Let me counter the opinion below 🙂 I think NPQ has left the path of nonprofit journalism and taken a bit of a turn to politically-tinged and politically-motivated coverage. As you know, political activity on the part of nonprofits is regulated, and your example to others is not heartening in that regard as you stretch (step over?) those boundaries by advocating for one political party. But more importantly, to serve your own strong opinions (“we stand resolute”), you are abdicating the service to your readers that they deserve. Please remember that all the things you cite as “bad” are welcomed by an equal number of, or even more, people. There are people and nonprofits throughout this country, not just in NYC and LA, which is basically the constituencies you are echoing and supported the candidate you mourn. Please be a resource for us all, and keep the politics out of it – or as some say, less artfully, to entertainers who are strong on talent but try to springboard off that talent into politics, please “just shut up and sing.”

    • ruth

      Dear Tom: Once again we are not an advocate for either party. We know and respect the advocacy boundaries and have not crossed them in the least.