• HpO

    TRUE OR FALSE: Pope Francis “has been seen to embrace tenets of liberation theology, which his predecessor Pope Benedict opposed and which is often branded (with some inaccuracy) as Marxist Catholicism.” (Erin Rubin, Nonprofit Quarterly, February 24, 2017)


    Here’s why: (1) New York Times says he “is averse to liberation theology” (March 13, 2013). (2) Consortium News says he’s against “supporting the real fundamental changes that are present with liberation theology” (March 19, 2013). (3) OSV Newsweekly says his “approach has been informed by … a ‘teología del pueblo,’ … an alternative to a radical liberation theology” (Aug 26, 2015). (4) Prepping a book on this pope’s political theology, Claudio I. Remeseira says, “The thinking of Pope Francis … opposed to … Liberation theology … (is) articulated by the Theology of the People … (because) what Francis probably has in mind is … closer to a 21st-century update of the Peronist social-welfare state” (Medium, Sep 17, 2015). (5) Catholic World Report says “the pope encouraged … (the) way of ‘a mystagogical catechesis that treasures the popular religiosity of the people'” (February 16, 2016). (6) Catholic Star Herald says “papal themes can be understood anew when one recognizes them as central tenets of the teologia del pueblo” (February 10, 2017). (7) National Review says “his rejection of globalism fits fairly comfortably into Peronist notions of economic autarchy, and his ‘leftism’ as an extension of left-Peronism” (February 12, 2017).