• WillamKY

    It’s not just the “cutting in line” it’s the animosity of those who receive government support toward the people who provide it. (After all, government is only a conduit, it isn’t the supplier of funds, rather it’s the tax-paying people and companies.) When recipients show down-right disdain toward that funding-supplier, even going so far as calling them evil… how do you think the supplier will eventually respond? You can’t teach people to be generous and to be their brothers keepers, if someone “else” will take care of it (in this case the government) Just as you can’t teach the receipent to be appreciative of a gift from the supplier if a third party is involved (also the government). The government is not a replacement for individual charity, and compassion. As a society we’ve grown callus because of it. In my opinion it’s the new entitlement culture that is destroying the Country.