• Bad Joe

    Good point about dangers of growth by gov’t grant. Way off on comments about Executive Director’s character, competence and integrity. Willamette Week throws bombs and makes unsubstantiated digs at people. No sense in repeating them. Does nothing to support your thesis.

  • Bad Joe

    Excellent point about the risks of growing on gov’t contracts. But any examination of the Executive Director’s character, competence, or integrity are out-of-bounds and irrelevant to your thesis. Willamette Week loves to throw bombs and tear down. Please don’t encourage them.

    • ruth

      Thanks Joe. I hope I made it clear that I was not signing onto any of that character commentary. What is a fairly routinely experienced though uncomfortable situation was being treated in the article as reflective of the leadership of an individual that was not even CEO when the problem developed. I make NO judgements about the CEO at all. I was, in fact, suggesting that the reporting itself was wanting of context and depth. In fact reading between the lines, it appears that no one the reporter talked with is complaining about the transparency and good faith of the current CEO. Further, these situations are traditionally difficult to climb out of and some delays would not be too terribly unusual.

      In the end my main point is that government contracts do not pay full costs and when you grow based on them, you have to budget for raising other monies to fill the growing gap between contract rates and full costs. Rapid growth on government contracts needs some capitalization from somewhere for the organization to remain safe.