• mcnam007

    The Founder’s Syndrome article helps to make the point that the Syndrome is an overall organizational issue, and not one of the Founder’s personality. Unless the organizational issue is resolved, it’s not likely that a new ED will make much difference.

  • Third Sector Radio USA

    Often the board and hiring committee do not understand what to look for. If post-founder EDs typically serve for only short periods of time anyway, it may make more sense to hire someone as an interim until the organization gets a grip on the kind of ED it needs.

  • David Patt

    The Board should hire an experienced not-for-profit executive, not a business owner.

  • kathywertheim

    I’ve observed this, too. The person who follows the founder often has a short stay. Founders tend to be great at being visionaries but often the administration is lacking. The next person has to deal with the underlying structural issues, and they can be overwhelming. I wish more organizations hired directors who were good at fundraising and administration, rather than seeking someone who understands the programs. Program experts aren’t necessarily the best people to run an organization, sadly.