• single payer

    Single payer is the common sense approach to the healthcare crisis in this country………..everybody covered, less money spent, better results…………
    Single payer aka Medicare for ALL…………

  • Sharon Charters

    It’s interesting that almost all other developed countries in the world have a form of universal health care except for the United States. This is not an economic issue but rather a political and cultural issue.

    • Michael Doucet

      I believe it’s a mix of all three. The truth is the way our taxes are spent, we cannot afford it as we’ve seen with most other social welfare programs in the US, they put us into debt. As with all other industrialized nations that have it, they are mostly in debt as well. Strange how most of these other nations have very small expenditures outside of their social welfare programs but they somehow fell into debt anyways.

  • madskills

    So California has 5.6 million in medicare and 12.3 in medicaid today. That leaves 20 million. So according to the budget analysis the cost is $20,000 per person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a total BS number. The number was $4,193 per person which is from Kaiser for medicaid. Times that by 20,000,000 and you get $83,860,000,000 for medicaid coverage, not $400 billion. This could be collected like worker comp for all company employees. Statistics never lie but liars use statistics.