• teensmom99

    I am not sure why you knock Giving Tuesday. This is my first year at a small to mid-size nonprofit. Last year they raised $600 on Giving Tuesday. this year we raised almost $13K and a board match of $18K–most of which we would not have had. My organization does not do enough personal outreach and we do not involve our board and advancement committee enough in outreach–and they all got involved in Giving Tuesday. We made it easy for them and for once we weren’t asking them to raise major gifts. It was a great effort. We are often focused on major gifts here–but it’s good to recognize that smaller donors count. We spread the word, built our social media presence and raised a nice amount of money. Some of it might have been money that we would have seen anyway from our year-end campaign, but it’s nice to have it now and not later! Lots of donors check out in December. My board and advancement committee are stoked about this success. Oh-and they tell me that a few of these new donors are great prospects for larger gifts.

  • Nicely done. Informative, thought-provoking. I love the questions you are asking and the challenges you offer us all to consider using Giving Tuesday as a springboard.