Nonprofit Quarterly’s Top 12 Webinars of 2017

A Gift for Your Viewing Pleasure and Edification

This year, NPQ’s webinars just took off, with between 800 and 2000 registrants to every session. At each of these webinars, we gather questions from participants, and those questions guide us in developing the next topics to be taken up.

This past year, we have been blessed with a number of extraordinary partnerships that allowed us to delve deeply into financial, leadership, and governance issues, so before turning you loose on the list, we want to thank BoardSource, Financial Management Associates (FMA), CompassPoint, and Raffa. They could not have brought more expertise and intelligent provocation to these sessions, and for that we are all grateful.

Next year, we expect to provide even more online opportunities for learning and dialogue, so please donate today to keep NPQ accessible to even the smallest and least-well-heeled of nonprofits.


Special Premier NPQ Webinar Event: The 2016 Findings of Giving USA


Preparing for the One BIG Change in Nonprofit Financial Reporting per FASB


Creating High-Functioning Nonprofits: Who Should Have What Financial Information?


Nonprofit Leadership Transitions and Organizational Sustainability: An Updated Approach that Changes the Landscape


Maximizing Nonprofit Internal Controls: An Essential Guide for Even the Most Pure


Live Workshop: How to Build a Dashboard for your Nonprofit: A Critical Strategic Tool Reveals Itself


Fundraising Bright Spots: The Secrets of Successful Fundraising from Individuals


Board Management Workshop: Is Your Board Structured for Impact?


The Declining Diversity of Nonprofit Boards and What to Do about It


Understanding Programs: A Great Unrecognized Correlate to Board Excellence


Webcast Working Session: Practical Strategies for Board Diversity


The Pivotal Role of the Nonprofit Board Chair: Beyond Meeting Facilitation