• Rob:

    Great article, and thanks for the mention of my past work. One exception to the new 21% excise tax on nonprofit salaries over $1 million is the exclusion of medical personnel being paid to provide medical services. This was a key change in the conference report that the hospital industry lobbied hard to have the conferees make, as many hospital-employed surgeons make in excess of $1 million. For more on nonprofits and the tax bill, see: https://nonprofitquarterly.org/2017/12/18/what-nonprofits-can-expect-in-the-gop-tax-bill/

  • Lisa Rosestars

    I applaud this tax dealing with the overcompensation of non profit executives ,though it does sound like this article is actually complaining about it. Good to know all those sad non profit commercials begging for money are no longer being used to fund the executive’s lavish lifestyles. And no they are not worth their high salaries .