• Kathryn Oswald

    I never thought of this as a problem before. I always warn my clients of mission drift due to funder expectations, but I never thought of an “inside job”. This is something to think about when advising clients on revenue generating projects whether it’s a true social enterprise or smaller scale. Thanks Ruth!

  • Diego Quevedo

    I really appreciate this article. It’s a very real example of how good intentions can spiral out of control. However, I can’t but feel that it’s very ‘doomsday-y’ without a productive alternative. What would you recommend to NPOs where a social endeavor is not only a good idea but has proven to be directly beneficial to their mission? How do they avoid going down this path while at the same time benefiting from the additional funds brought in? Thanks as always!

  • Julianne Haydel

    So, they had a budget of just less than 1M per child per year but they couldn’t retain staff to provide adequate care? Non-Profit does not mean ‘no-money’. Like any other organization, the core values of leadership influence the company. Being cheap, not investing in employees, high turn around is never good but when these values are applied to a taco stand, the outcome is a little more palatable than when applied to kids with mental health issues.