Transform the Poverty Industry: Stop States Pocketing Aid via Contractors

States are looking for money wherever they can find it, even if that means taking funds from children and the poor with the assistance of for-profit contractors. In this “Voices from the Field,” an advocate makes a passionate plea for state governments to stop harming vulnerable people by looting programs like Medicaid and foster care.


Culture Suck: How a Bad Ethical Culture Can Doom a Good Nonprofit

A negative culture almost always organizes itself around secrets that must not be revealed. When that culture is deeply entrenched, trying to reveal what’s hidden can be like taking your life in your hands. The shocking demise of New York’s Healing Arts Initiative emphasizes the need for nonprofit boards and executives to reinforce the inherent culture of their organizations and consciously build habits of integrity and vigilance that become part of that culture.


Building a Foundation for the 21st Century: Part I – On Full Philanthropic Engagement

The Heron Foundation has long been an influential philanthropic player on the national scene. Its board’s historic advocacy on the use of philanthropic assets as mission related investments (MRIs) has been central to discussions of how to approach the full deployment of assets in pursuit of goals. Now, in this two-part series, Clara Miller, the foundation’s president, lays out in detail the ways that ideology and practice fit together in this foundation’s still evolving and historically ambitious engagement with the larger economy. In our opinion, this is a must-read for those serious about philanthropic impact.