A Peek Behind the Philanthropic Curtain: A Conversation with Pamela Shifman & the NoVo Foundation’s Radical Hope Fund

This installment in NPQ’s “Behind the Philanthropic Curtain” series focuses on the NoVo Foundation’s Radical Hope Fund. Here, NPQ Senior Editor Cyndi Suarez interviews Pamela Shifman, the executive director of the foundation, about its principles of practice and why it elected to grant millions apiece to organizations driven by those most deeply affected by the issues being worked on.

Giving USA—How did giving go in 2017?


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With all that occurred last year in the political and economic realms, what happened with philanthropy? Did any particular fields of organizations do especially well or badly raising money? Did foundations step forward? What kinds of effects might the tax overhaul law have had? What do last year’s figures suggest about the current fundraising climate and where you may want to focus your efforts?