July 11, 2014


Financial Cautionary Tales for Nonprofits (Google+ Hangout)

Kate Barr of the Nonprofits Assistance Fund joined Nonprofit Quarterly for a special webinar where Kate shared vividly illustrated cautionary tales about how to avoid common nonprofit financial traps. This is the kind of material you could ask your board and emerging leaders to watch. A stitch...

The Editors | Tuesday, 08 July 2014


Governance / Voice

12 Reasons Why You Should Gracefully Resign from a Nonprofit Board

ExitWith all of the talk about the need for good trustees, there are a number of excellent reasons to NOT sit on a particular board of directors. Gene Takagi lists a dozen.

Gene Takagi | Thursday, 10 July 2014



Meet the Enemy: Considerations for Executive Transition

PrisonOne of our favorite cartoons from back in the day is POGO and one of our favorite quotes from the little guy is “We have met the enemy and he is us” from a cartoon that was a shout out about environmental ruination. In this case, Ted Ford Webb uses it as a title for this great piece on how, in...

Ted Ford Webb | Tuesday, 08 July 2014


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Financial Cautionary Tales: How to Prevent Common Financial Breakdowns

Voices from the field

What a Tool Tuesday

  • Steve Zimmerman | 1 April, 2014

    MatrixYou may have heard of the Dual Bottom Line: the idea that strategic choices must serve both mission impact and financial viability. But how do you turn this idea into a quantitative decision-making tool? Blue Avocado columnist Steve Zimmerman summarizes the Matrix Map approach in this article adapted from the book he co-wrote with Jeanne Bell and Jan Masaoka, Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Choices for Financial Viability.