May 24, 2015

Board Fractures, Director Leaves—How Do You Get People to Do Stuff?

board-fractureThe description of the infighting at the Pinellas County Homeless Leadership Board is excruciating, but there may be a relatively simple solution to the impasse.

Boards under Greater Regulatory Scrutiny for Lack of Care


Cooper UnionIn any number of recent cases, state attorneys general have indicated that they are willing to step in when boards exhibit a lack of a sense of duty.

Are the Changes to Michigan’s Nonprofit Governance Rules Improvements?

NewsNPQ has found the legal wake-up calls issued to nonprofit boards that fall asleep at the wheel a welcome indicator of a healthier regulatory environment, but some see it differently.

Conflicts of Interest and a “Memo of Frustration”: A Community College Foundation Finds Itself in a Mess

DuPageThe boards of the College of DuPage and its foundation are very much in the public eye, and not in a good way.

Sweet Briar Stakeholders Continue Campaign while “Waiting for a Schneiderman”

Save Sweet BriarThe stakeholders of Sweet Briar College are trying to get the court to delay the college’s closing so that the situation can be thoughtfully considered. They need an activist AG who indicates he understands that time is the major variable to ensure a good decision.

Schneiderman Serious About Nonprofit Boards Getting Serious: Two Boards Sued for Misuse of Assets

NY AGIn this case, as in the one today on Cooper Union, the NY Attorney General challenges boards on their misuse of organizational assets—in this case, two buildings.