July 13, 2014

The Making of a Prospect

BuddingGood prospects can be hard to find. If you know what to look for, it helps.

Navigating a Nonprofit Corporation through Bankruptcy

StormsJust like for-profit corporations, nonprofits can be susceptible to financial problems and insolvency, and may ultimately seek protection under the Bankruptcy Code. While there is ample guidance for nonprofit directors regarding their fiduciary duties, very little has been written about the duties of...


In the

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A Common Picture: Two Philadelphia Arts Organizations Struggle with Debt Come Due

DebtNPQ has been chronicling the struggles of too many arts organizations which were affected by the recession in a very particular way. Here is what the pattern we have seen looks looks like.

St. Paul Library Finds New Life as Home for “People’s History”

AHLWhen a former Carnegie library moved its collection to a larger facility earlier this year, two professors—one a labor historian, one a theater artist—saw just the opening they had been looking for to encourage local residents to share and celebrate the popular history of their neighborhood through a new nonprofit, the East Side Freedom Library.

Under Re-Construction: San Diego Opera Cutting Costs and Rebuilding Trust for 50th Anniversary Season

SDOAfter the highly publicized near-closure of the San Diego Opera this spring, the organization has cut its operating budget by about a third—including some staff layoffs—and is preparing to raise the curtain on its 50th anniversary season. A recent decision by San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture underscores both the progress that’s been made and the work that remains to be done.

Financial Cautionary Tales for Nonprofits (Google+ Hangout)

Kate Barr of the Nonprofits Assistance Fund joined Nonprofit Quarterly for a special webinar where Kate shared vividly illustrated cautionary tales about how to avoid common nonprofit financial traps. This is the kind of material you could ask your board and emerging leaders to watch. A stitch in time will help avoid embarrassing and reputation damaging meltdowns.

Meet the Enemy: Considerations for Executive Transition

PrisonOne of our favorite cartoons from back in the day is POGO and one of our favorite quotes from the little guy is “We have met the enemy and he is us” from a cartoon that was a shout out about environmental ruination. In this case, Ted Ford Webb uses it as a title for this great piece on how, in executive searches, we can be our own and the world’s worst enemies.

Community Health Center in Critical Condition

LifeEpic health center failure highlights a practice to be avoided at all costs.