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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireUSC Cancels Bids on Building—Gives Control of Design to Donor

April 11, 2010; The State | Darla Moore, a financier who has given about $60 million—two-thirds of what it will cost the University of South Carolina to build a new business school—has been granted control over choosing the architect for the building despite the fact that bids were already in.—Ruth McCambridge

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireJersey City Neighborhood Stabilization: Molasses Slow

April 8, 2010; Jersey City Independent | That the Jersey City Episcopal Community Development Corporation is only now acquiring its first Neighborhood Stabilization Program house suggests just how difficult it is to get foreclosed properties from banks at prices that make sense.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireOn the Job Training for Tomorrow’s Givers

April 10, 2010; Wall Street Journal | To help her prepare for the eventual job of deciding how to responsibly make $12 million in grants each year from her family’s foundation, 29-year-old Caroline Rafferty is overseeing a $1 million fund that gives away thousands of dollars annually.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireDonor Gives Local Sheriff’s Department $20,000 to Maintain Services

April 11, 2010; Mansfield News Journal | Like many other public service agencies, the department has faced devastating cuts that it is trying to mitigate.—Ruth McCambridge

The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireOpen Government: Slow to Let the Light In

April 8. 2010; Sunlight Foundation | Ellen Miller, the executive director of the Sunlight Foundation, expressed her disappointment in the sluggish response of the Obama Administration to fulfill its commitment to increased openness with government information.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireRise in Jobless Taxes Prompts Nonprofits to Leave State Fund

April 11, 2010: Star Bulletin | In Hawaii, where nonprofits have had to absorb a “sevenfold” increase in their unemployment taxes, several have chosen to self-insure unemployment claims.—Rick Cohen




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