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The Nonprofit QuarterlyOn Obama and the Budget Freeze
January 26, 2010; Financial Times | The President’s three-year spending freeze on domestic discretionary programs is sort of a political Rorschach test.


The Nonprofit QuarterlyAcorn Antagonist Arrested in New Orleans
January 26, 2010
; The Times-Picayune | James O’Keefe, one of the undercover “citizen” videographers who staged the renowned “pimp and prostitute sting” on ACORN, was arrested Monday in New Orleans with entering federal property under false pretenses to commit a felony.  The Nonprofit Quarterly

Child Care Funding and the Freeze
January 17, 2010; CNN | The plan to freeze domestic spending while expanding child care subsidies is puzzling.

The Nonprofit Quarterly

Disabilities and Disaster: A Win
January 22, 2010; The Oakland Tribune | The City of Oakland has settled a suit filed by Disability Rights Advocates.


The Nonprofit QuarterlyPhilanthropy Journal in Hallowed Halls
January 20, 2010; News & Observer | A sector journal has moved to North Carolina State University’s Institute for Nonprofits.



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