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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireGreenpeace Video Confronts Facebook's Coal Problem

September 16, 2010; Greenpeace | A social media campaign calls Facebook on its purchase of a coal-powered data center.—James David Morgan


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireAs Stimulus Money Runs Out Services to the Poor Fade Away

September 13, 2010; Stuart News | The end of stimulus funding is going to take its toll among small nonprofit service providers that don’t have huge fundraising infrastructures or probably financial reserves.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireAfrican-Americans, Latinos More Socially Conservative Than Their Leadership

September 16, 2010; Right Side News | The article takes evangelical church leaders to task, suggesting that for fear of losing their tax exemptions, evangelical churches stayed on the sidelines of California's Prop 8 debate.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireFarm Rescue: A North Dakota Jewel

September 16, 2010; American Profile | Bill Gross of Seattle is a busy international UPS pilot, but in his spare time and on layovers in such locations as Singapore, he organizes volunteers to help farmers, besieged by tragedy, to plant and bring in their crops.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireCommunity Action Program Disbands, Community Suffers

September 14, 2010; Abilene Reporter News | After a state-ordered audit of this Abilene, Texas community action agency bookkeeping some months ago, the state government apparently shut down state funding flowing through the agency.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireNonprofit Founded by New York Politician Enriches Campaign Aid and Girlfriend

September 14, 2010; The Brooklyn Paper | A New York State legislator has made sure his campaign treasurer and girlfriend are both well-compensated for jobs at a nonprofit he founded.—Bruce Trachtenberg


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireUniversity Fundraiser Charged With Stealing $1 Million

September 15, 2010; New York Daily News | According to prosecutors, a fundraiser for St. John's University in New York City apparently believed in the saying, "If you're going to steal, steal big."—Bruce Trachtenberg




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