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Good Morning! At NPQ, what moves you is what moves us. This Week in Review highlights what our readers nominate as their favorite content and what they share with us and the community in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first take a look at what you might have missed last week in some of the major news stories covered in NPQ.

S&P DOWNGRADE: The S&P downgrade of the U.S. credit rating knocked the stock markets for a loop. Downgrades on Fannie and Freddie debt and some municipal bonds followed. Will S&P’s action have specific impacts on nonprofits, or is their main challenge still the fragile nature of the U.S. economy

RIOTS IN LONDON: The riots in London erupted around a police shooting but spread, if reports are to be believed, out of a general sense of economic frustration. The unrest, which expanded from London to several other British cities, raised questions about the role of U.K. nonprofits in public policy—and whether something similar could happen here, with an austerity policy of our own looming on the horizon.

GOVERNING BY CHECK-WRITING: New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, also happens to be a billionaire with his own personal foundation. He stands in the unique political position of being able to see his ideas put into practice—not just through public funds, but via grants from his private foundations. He’s even able to help other big city mayors with their potential program innovations.

POLITICAL SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL: When New York Governor Cuomo announced a review of nonprofit executive pay a few days after a major scandal broke about million-dollar salaries at an agency serving the developmentally disabled, NPQ suspected that the sequence of events may not have been a coincidence. Political hay is often made of such stories.

JUDGE MAY INVALIDATE BUDGET CUT: North Carolina is now the third state in which Planned Parenthood has sued to void a budget cut targeting its family planning services. In the other two states, the judges ruled for Planned Parenthood but those decisions are under appeal.

 Readers’ Pick: THE Hottest article OF THE WEEK

Stars fallingS&P Credit Downgrade: Its Significance to Nonprofits and Communities

This was our most-read article from the past week, and a topic that dominated the mainstream press. Readers were trying, we think, to link the symbolic effect of the first-ever downgrade of U.S. credit with the probable outcomes in the communities and populations that nonprofits serve. The fact is, however, that we are all still very much in the dark about what it really means (no less so than the bevy of experts on TV and in the press). But NPQ will be following the story of the economy and its effects on our work and communities closely over the coming months.


altLuxury Corporate Brands: Is Their Corporate Social Responsibility Credible?

We would not have thought of this newswire as being a big conversation starter. But on second thought, we do seem to have an obsession in this country with the lifestyles of the conspicuously well-off. The conversation was an interesting mix of opinion.

 Trending Tweets of the week


Thanks for all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the word and we’re grateful for your engagement. From the proper role of a board of directors to brewing labor strife at a Planned Parenthood in Oregon to urban community gardening and more, your tweets helped to spread the news. Thanks for sharing! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter: @npquarterly.

SarahKMasterson10:21am via TweetDeck

Amen. RT @npquarterly: Staff expect boards 2 give/solicit/raise funds. NOT principal focus of a board, nor should it be:

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RT @npquarterly: NPQ uses collaborative journalism to reveal the “dos and don’ts” of resume writing

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What do nonprofits think about S&P’s Credit Downgrade? Let @npquarterly know your thoughts:

JoannaLKrotzAug 11, 11:26am via TweetDeck

Wisc was bad enough. But w/ Oregon #PlannedParenthood into unionbusting, I start singing Union Maid: via @npquarterly

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Great example of a #nonprofit re-invigorating an urban community garden! via @npquarterly

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How bd make-up can impact effectiveness MT @npquarterly why board oversight is critical to well managed #nonprofits


 NPQ’s Contributors of the week


We’d like to thank the 30 or so folks who contributed their ideas and experiences to our Short Online Resume Improvement Clinic. We sent a query out in Ruth’s eNewsletter a few weeks ago asking people what they liked and didn’t like in the resumes they were receiving from job applicants. Then Aine Creedon, herself a new staffer, turned that into a feature. The article was (and is) a big hit, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We often send out these kinds of requests via eNewsletters so make sure you are on the list.


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