July 11, 2014

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Avoid Getting “Stunned” By Big Data

ShadowIn the face of greater amounts of available information than ever before, nonprofits must shake their fear and act decisively.

Benchmarks Study—What is New in Social Media Stats?

TechNonprofit data geeks across the interwebs rejoiced last week with the release of the 2013 eNonprofits Benchmarks study.

Marriage Equality and Public Opinion: A Victory for Grassroots Organizing

LGBTAn exploration of strategic collaboration efforts among nonprofits across California exemplifies the role that organizations have played in changing public opinion on marriage equality.

Nonprofits Need a Content Calendar

CalendarTechnology can support a multitude of nonprofit communication efforts, but a content calendar, the right staffing support, and the right tools are required to make it all sing.

Spring Cleaning Time for Your Organization’s Fundraising Database

DustSince today is the first day of spring, what better time of year to clean out the dust bunnies that have accumulated in your donor database? Here’s how to do so in a strategic, effective way.

Nonprofit Social Media Measurement: Tools and Tips for Tracking

MeasureWhat are nonprofits measuring in order to understand whether our social media engagement activities are getting us what we want and need to achieve our missions?