March 28, 2015

The Cohen Report


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  • The Challenges of New Nonprofits

    Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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The Murky “Progressive” Politics in Social Enterprise: Thoughts from Two Conferences

ProgressiveProgressives tend to be conflicted about social enterprise and broader issues of corporate social responsibility. The Cohen Report pulls the issues apart in this review of two social enterprise-focused conferences from earlier this year.

What’s Behind the Scathing Critique of NeighborWorks America?

Storms aheadWhen a nonprofit is criticized by House Republicans as “left-wing community organizers,” our antenna goes up to sense an over-the-top attack. NeighborWorks America, the most unlikely “left-wing” group you’ll ever meet, got slapped with that epithet as part of an agenda to defund community-based housing counseling nonprofits.

A Different Vision of Rural Philanthropy from Nebraska’s Jeff Yost

YostIn this edition of the Cohen Report, Rick talks with the Nebraska Community Foundation’s Jeff Yost in a wide-ranging conversation about everything from rural community building to approaches to rural philanthropy from the perspective of a community foundation that thinks like a community developer.

50 Years Since Selma: Judith Browne Dianis on the Right to Vote and Changes in Civil Rights Organizing

SelmaOn the 50th anniversary of the historic “Bloody Sunday” event in Selma, there’s still a fight around voting rights and related issues of racial discrimination and inequity. Judith Browne Dianis of the Advancement Project explains what is similar, what has changed, and where this nation has to go to rectify racial injustices in voting and more.

Exponent Philanthropy Survey Offers Insights into the World of Small Foundations

ChrystalExponent Philanthropy’s 2015 Foundation Operations and Management Report offers important insights into the world of foundations with only a handful of professional staff—or none at all.

Havana Dreams: Nonprofits and the Realities of Reinstating Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

HavanaAfter decades of isolation, the doors of Cuba are flinging open, with nonprofits and social enterprises among those who hope to rediscover the island 90 miles away. Both Cubans and Americans might be well advised to take it slowly.